Quality Establishment Impact on Corporate Valuation


This webinar discusses the importance of quality processes within the valuation of medical device startups. The speaker, Hein Smit Sibinga, emphasizes the value that good documentation and investment in a quality system bring to a company. He explains how the technical documentation and quality management system impact the overall value of a company during the M&A process. Sibinga provides a case study to illustrate the financial impact of quality decisions on valuation. He also introduces the concept of stage-gating and explains how it can be applied to the entire organization to create value. The webinar concludes with advice on preparing for acquisition and the importance of working as a team across all functions.


  • Investing in quality processes and documentation adds value to medical device startups during the valuation process.
  • Technical documentation and a quality management system are essential for attracting investors and acquirers.
  • The value of a company can be significantly impacted by quality decisions, such as pursuing regulatory certifications.
  • Applying stage-gating principles to the entire organization helps ensure maturity and value across all departments.
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