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OH&S Series | ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management Systems – Auditor – LEAD AUDITOR EXMPLAR GLOBAL CERTIFIED


The OH&S Series

Based on the requirements of the ISO 45001 international occupational health & safety management system standard, the OH&S Series offers unparalleled depth and scope for students.

This series provides students with course options ranging from a top management overview to skills necessary for Lead Auditors. Each course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of occupational health and safety.



OH&S Classes Overview

OH&S classes are held in a series – one module building off of the other – in order to streamline learning and promote diversity among participants. By creating sessions that build off each other, our classrooms are now made up of organizational leaders, process owners, and an overall better mix of various functions and sectors. This approach not only provides knowledge for a full spectrum of disciplines but improves communication and understanding of standard requirements and process interactions.

If you want to disseminate the design, development, and maintenance of each process within your organization’s operations, this approach will be a game-changer. If you’re looking for value, better buy-in, and creating a more productive OH&S, this series is for you.

Benefits to Leadership & Process Owners

Knowledge is power. Learning not only WHAT is required but HOW to satisfy these requirements in a way that works for you (vs. shoving your business into the “ISO Box”), management system implementation is properly distributed throughout the organization. Learn how to become your own Management System Architect by mastering the processes you manage!

Benefits to 1st & 2nd-party Auditors

The auditing portion of our OH&S series grows from the knowledge needed for new auditors to Audit Program Managers. Depending on your role in auditing activities, this series caters to the full spectrum of auditor responsibilities from process auditing to audit program management. Using the framework of ISO 19011 Guidelines for management systems auditing and IATF Oversight Communications, this course will teach you the fundamental tools necessary to conduct audits using the process approach while providing vital strategic information to leadership and process owners. Case studies and audit scenarios make this course fun and interesting. If you are looking for a course that will add more value to your internal auditing program with real business impact, you have found it with this series.


  • Self-paced training platform
  • Facilitator bundles
  • Key links to applicable standards & support documents
  • Case studies & best practices
  • Articles (ISO updates, blogs, etc.)
  • Online community & discussion forum
  • Digital tools & templates

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